My story

I grew up in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, and soaked up the vibrant and diverse culture that this rainbow nation has to offer! After studying Graphic Design and Photography at university I decided to travel the world and discover new places and cultures; and I’m now proud to call Paris home!

Being based in Paris means I always have this incredible backdrop on my doorstep, yet my focus is at all times on my unique couples.
On the stories they’ve created.
On the future they dream of.
On the love they share.

When not out in Paris shooting engagements, pre-weddings and portraits; I’m usually found at amazing chateaus or villa’s around France and Europe capturing stunning weddings!
Every wedding is different but each wedding has the same high energy, love and anticipation throughout the day! I love capturing those unique emotions and moments that make your wedding unforgettable.

Photography is not a commodity.
It’s not about finding the cheapest.
It’s not just searching for a finger to press the shutter on a camera.

It’s about finding an artist, a photographer, whose style and eye matches their own vision of their wedding day. It’s about connecting with their art form. About sharing your love story. About trusting a skilled photographer to tell your story through his eyes.

I hope that I am that photographer. That person who tells your story, not through words, but with images that capture those moments and memories.